• 2,600 to 3,300 lb. capacities
  • Electric
  • Pneumatic (F) Polyurethane (R) Tires

Stärke Energy AC Electric Standard 3 Wheel Mini Counterbalance Forklifts

This compact, flexible and durable forklift with German engineered drive axle and mast comes in 2600 – 3300 lb lifting capacities.

The FBT10 and FBT15 Mini will revolutionize your factory, warehouse or indoor worksite with the ability to go from one end of your facility to the other, and deliver materials right to the production line or workstation, without weight, height or width restrictions. The Stärke FBT10 & FBT15 3-wheel Mini Forklifts are your compact, light-duty, narrow aisle workhorses that loves tight spaces.

While the FBT 15 has a wider wheel base (to manage the higher lifting capacities) the FBT 10 features the same wheel base as the original Mini. Lifting motor power has also been increased in both the FBT 10 & 15, while travel speed has increased as well from the original Mini's 4.0 to 4.3 MPH. The overall dimensions of the FBT10 & 15 extend beyond the original Mini's spec's, but the units are still much smaller and more maneuverable than other electric forklifts which offer a similar lifting capacity.

Perfect for indoor applications where size matters; the Mini Forklift has an impressive turning radius and is also suitable for construction projects where a light-weight portable lift is required.

The Stärke Mini will prove itself time and again through strength of product, cost, warranty, parts support and ease of use. When Stärke builds a product, they build it tough! Stärke means Strength.

Imagine the possibilities.

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