Pallet Trucks
  • 5,000 lb. capacity
  • Electric

Stärke LiftMaxx 5000 lb. Capacity AC Electric Rider Pallet Truck

Stand-on, fold-down rider platform!

For longer warehouse runs, this Stärke LiftMaxx unit is equipped with a sturdy fold-down rider platform with easily deployable fold out protective arms. The innovative AC system offers quick response accurate control, impact structure, excellent performance and long battery life. Drive motors are specially designed to provide full speed power ahead while under full load and while on a grade. All the wires and cables are reliably protected and fixed, greatly reducing the chance of electrical failures. Download our brochure to learn more.

Why Choose Our Electric Pallet Truck:

Stärke Continuous Stability System

Stärke Continuous Stability reduces incidence of tipping while turning corners, or travelling on uneven surfaces. A fixed drive wheel supported by two spring loaded castors are in constant contact with the ground, supporting the stability of the lift truck. The Stärke Continuous Stability feature offers better control over competitor fixed stop supports, which sit off the ground and wear quickly over time. Minimizes the risk of tipping and limits product damage costs.